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About Me


Since childhood, Gabriel has always been passionate about photography. He would love grabbing his parents' film camera to take family photos at parties and vacations. His eyes would glisten with delight when he would see a photograph emerge from a negative. He always drew inspiration from elders, noting that it was necessary to think about numerous details of a shot, before taking a picture, as a 36-exposure film would have to last for days before being developed.

However, his professional career eventually took a different path when at 11 years of age, he had contact with his first personal computer. Soon later, he decided to graduate in Computer Science and pursued a successful career in technology, as a programmer and systems analyst. In April 2014, he got his highest academic degree: an MBA in Solutions Architecture at FIAP, in São Paulo.

Always curious and an explorer, Gabriel had a childhood dream that was to visit the Netherlands and Europe. Then in 2010, he had the opportunity to make his first international trip. This is when his passion for photography was reignited, but now with a digital camera. In the following years, Gabriel would travel to 24 countries, including Egypt, Turkey and many others throughout the Americas and Europe. The thousands of pictures recorded not only the experiences and cultural diversity discovered by him, but also gradually instigated a desire for something greater. That's when he discovered the work of one of the most renowned Brazilian photographers: Sebastião Salgado.

In May 2014, Gabriel moved to Vancouver, Canada, seeking new beginnings in all areas of his life. In April 2017, he graduated from the professional photography diploma at Langara, one of the most respected colleges on the West Coast of the country, where he finally became a professional photographer. What was a hobby turned into a career.

Charismatic, analytical and imaginative, Gabriel executes his photographic works combining planning and sensitivity. Influenced by Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa and Steve McCurry in the photographic world, Gabriel always seeks inspiration in other arts such as painting and music. He believes that the photographer should never be more important than the story or subject, and would like to leave a legacy through his work.

Should you wish to hire him for portraits, documentaries, travel, or business partnerships, feel free to leave your message on the contact page. He will respond as soon as possible! Thank you for your visit!